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Omar Figueroa spent the first decade of his life in Mexico before immigrating to California with his parents and three younger siblings. A non-native English speaker and immigrant who learned English in public school, Omar experienced discrimination and racism, which fueled his passion for social justice. 


Despite his lack of experience with the public school system and the hardships he endured, Omar excelled academically and was admitted to Yale University. At Yale, Omar pursued his love of philosophy, English literature, and political science, while also working as a Staff Writer and Columnist for the Yale Daily News, and earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy.


After attaining his law degree from Stanford Law School, Omar joined the pro bono legal team, led by legendary trial attorney J. Tony Serra, defending Bear Lincoln, a Native American facing the death penalty in Mendocino County. Tony Serra innovated with a creative "cultural defense" and delivered a mesmerizing closing argument that was broadcast on the radio and which resulted in the liberation of Bear Lincoln.  Omar saw firsthand how zealous advocacy and excellent legal representation could literally save a person’s life. Omar subsequently joined Pier 5 Law Offices, a community of independent lawyers in San Francisco with a reputation for ardently advocating for freedom defense. 


With more than a quarter century of legal experience, Omar has defended hundreds of medical cannabis cultivators, patients, and caregivers and made thousands of court appearances throughout California. The legal representation of these individuals has saved taxpayers millions of dollars that would have been wasted on incarcerating nonviolent cannabis offenders. California’s subsequent legalization of cannabis validated the need for cannabis law reforms. 

Omar has also defended dozens of activists accused of nonviolent crimes pro bono, giving back to the community by assisting those in need of a vigorous defense: from computer hackers, to forest defenders, to street medics, to animal rights activists, to political protesters. Additionally, he is an experienced civil litigator, having used civil RICO laws in federal court as a member of the legal team that successfully sued Rohnert Park police officers who allegedly robbed cash and cannabis from motorists on Highway 101.  

Most recently, The Law Offices of Omar Figueroa spearheaded civil enforcement efforts against companies across the country that unlawfully sold smokable hemp products in California, thereby engaging in unfair competition against licensed and regulated cannabis businesses.  This action resulted in the California Attorney General bringing legal action against the violators for engaging in unlawful business practices and violating Proposition 65.


Omar currently serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Sebastopol Center for the Arts and has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Sonoma County Bar Association (term 2024-2026). He is also a member of Los Cien. He is a former Chapter Leader of the ACLU of Sonoma County and has previously served as a Director of both the National Cannabis Industry Association and the International Cannabis Bar Association, working to establish best practices in the cannabis industry and to share knowledge on navigating complex cannabis regulations. He has published a series of legal books compiling California’s cannabis laws and regulations, which are part of the collections at institutions such as Stanford Law School, Yale Law School, and Cal Poly Humboldt.

Omar’s approach to the law, which he will continue as a judge, is characterized by open-mindedness, impartiality, and a deep understanding of the diverse perspectives that encompass our society. His ability to listen attentively and approach cases with an unbiased perspective makes him an ideal candidate for the role of judge, bringing a wealth of experience, integrity, and compassion to litigants in Sonoma County.

Omar considers himself fortunate to live in gorgeous West Sonoma County with his wife and two sons. In his free time, he loves to take in the outdoors by hiking and camping. He also practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has patiently advanced over many years to the rank of purple belt.  Even though grappling against younger, faster, and stronger opponents does not come easily to Omar, he does it because it’s difficult.  “Every time I tap out the universe reminds me to stay humble.”

“Listen carefully.  Think deeply.  Decide wisely.”

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